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HARVEST MEN – (Faithful and True)

The Men’s ministry is set up to build men to “do the will of the Father” (Luke 5:19,30)

We encourage men to develop the discipline of seeking and following the heart of the Father which in turns lead them to take they esteemed positions in the family, market place, local community, city and nations.
The 7E’s are used to build our men to grow in Grace, fulfil purpose and prepare for Christ’s coming.
- Example – Learning of Jesus – in thoughts, words and deeds.
- Education – Teaching and training.
- Encouragement – Supporting and helping each other to grow.
- Equipping – Identifying and developing godly gifts and talents.
- Economics & Earning – Promoting professionalism, establishing men in their careers and businesses - through godly advice.
- Elevation- teaching elevation through accountability– Submitting accountability vulnerable. (the need to be accountable to God and for brethren).
- Empowerment – Growing in brotherly love and unity in Christ thought the fellowship brings confidence, faith, trust and unity.

The Harvest Men meet bimonthly.