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The Harvest Women (Fragrance of Christ)

The mission of the women’s ministry is to equip women for spiritual growth and maturity in Jesus Christ. To raise who would take their place in society, in their homes, in the workplace or at their local assembly;, as a mother, colleague , sister or wife it is our duty to ensure we diffuse the fragrance of Christ, wherever we go and in whatever we do.(2 Corinthians 2:15).

Our purpose is to ensure every woman fulfils their God given potential, in the home, the workplace, their local community and in ministry. Consequently, we encourage every woman to be faithful and fruitful in every sphere of their lives. We meet regularly to ensure women intercede often for their homes, their local assembly and their neighbourhood.

We believe strongly, that God is moving women into the forefront in this decade, more so, this century, because of this, women must be fully equipped and empowered to stand on the principles of God’s word, so that they can be effective leaders wherever God has placed them.
If you want to find out more about the THE HARVEST WOMEN, you are most welcome to join our bi monthly breakfast meetings, at the church premises. You can also email us at:

Headed by Pastor Bola Macarthy, this ministry brings women of all ages and nationalities together. Regular meetings are held for:

Mothers - in - waiting (wives believing God for babies)

Ladies - in - waiting (single ladies)

Successful wives (married women)

Senior sisters (aged 50 and above)

Annual general meetings