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Community Hub

Our purpose is to provide resources and services to the local community in which we are located. We are in the community to equip and encourage our local community to find direction for their lives.

Our vision is to continue to develop and maintain a network for food acquisition , storage and distribution to help meet the immediate needs of the local community as well as extend a helping hand in providing clothing, support encouragement and love for those facing dire circumstances beyond their control.

Our mission is to build up families and to build bridges of hope in the local community by reinforcing their educational, nutritional, physical, spiritual and emotional needs.

  • London Woodgreen
  • London Turnpike Lane
  • London Holloway
  • London Tottenham

Current projects

Food Pantry: There are some families in our community who do not have the resources to adequately feed themselves. Our desire is to provide food boxes to supplement their nutritional needs through monthly food giveaways, weekly bread and pastry giveaways, along with health and nutritional education.

Tutoring & Mentoring: There are children in our community in need of tutoring and/or mentoring assistance with volunteers to assist these children with their homework, or to supervise and administer after school programs.

Youth & Parent Empowerment: We believe teaching life skills with biblical principles help youth and parents learn to make positive decisions for themselves; which enhances personal growth through independence, leadership, communication and social skills. Teaching these skills produce a foundation for success in life.

Clothing Closet:Our goal is providing free clothing for those in need while maintaining their dignity and providing opportunities to make improvements for their lives. We provide new and gently used clothing for those in need.